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Alcatraz Scooters

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Two speed options for your ride: normal mode and turbo mode.

3x Longer

Better battery life that gives a complete city tour.

5x More Memorable

Multi-Ride feature created for families and groups of friends.

10x More Fun

All features added up together is just 10 times more fun.

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Common FAQ

Yes, Alcatraz scooters can be rented for a minimum 1 hour at $14.99. If you think you will be touring around the city, for more than an hour, whole day rental is recommended.
  • Whole day rental means 24 hours in your possession. You can come switch the unit back to the bike store for a newly charged battery and or if the scooter seems to have minor defects (ex. wheel alignment, wirings). Kindly ensure that you park in your hotel parking space and secure the scooter. Otherwise, please return back to our store and rent back the day after. You may also call on the number labelled on the scooter for pick-up.
According to SF Transportation code, only under 18 years of age are required to wear a helmet.
  • No, Alcatraz scooters are not dockless scooters. We are not similar to Lime, Spin, Scoot and other scooter companies. You are obliged to drop it off in any of our stores and partner-locations (please see the app). If you suddenly ran out of battery along the road and or decided to end the ride from your location, please contact the number labelled on the scooter for pick-up. Otherwise, you will be charged with a recovery fee of $50.
  • If you are going to Sausalito, scooters and bikes are allowed on the ferry to Pier 41 for free.
  • Visit the App store or Google Play and search for “Alcatraz Scooter”
  • Through the app, you are required to fill in your basic personal information and pay your ride by using a credit card.
  • For better monitoring of our scooters, the app monitors the time and distance you have ridden the scooter.
No, but anyone under 18 is legally required to wear a helmet.
Yes! Rent one scooter as usual, then tap on “Add more scooters” located under the scooter number.
Unfortunately, Go X Rides cannot be paused for hourly rides. We suggest subscribing to the Whole Day Pass when taking longer rides of more than 2 hours.
You would need to bring the scooter back to Alcatraz Bikes and Tours store locations. Also, check the app for the nearest partner-location of Alcatraz scooters. Otherwise, please feel free to call the number on your scooter to have it recovered after use. A recovery fee may be charged depending on your current location.
Please call the number on the label for immediate road assistance. We can recover wherever you are and or replace should battery depleted during the rental.

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